PolarFrame - Cross polarisation tool + WhiBal card + booklet download

The PolarFrame works with dual flash on a bracket or with the Metz 15 MS-1 ring flash (need to glue a metal ring to the flash, the ring comes with the PolarFrame)


Make sure your dual flash can sit behind the front element of the lens. See the photos!


WhiBal card for custom white balancing is included!


You will receive a QR code for the dental photography e-book where you find lots of useful tips and tricks! For example how to go custom white balance on Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras,


A long-long time ago I've read Prof. Lorenzo Vanini's article about direct composite restorations. In his article, there were some really interesting photographs where one could see all the details in the teeth. As I was so excited about this technique, I've started to do some search on the internet and on a nature photography site I found some clues about how to do it. Photographers using a cross-polarizing technique to photograph amphibians as they can see the skin much better if there is no reflection.

So I made my first cross polarising filter setup with films and glass polarising filters. It worked beautifully, but soon I realised the setup is really time-consuming if my flashes are on a bracket and the flash heads are not locked in a parallel position.

So after some time, I've designed my PolarFrame to avoid the time-consuming process.
Now it just seconds to attach the PolarFrame to the lens and take highly valuable cross-polarised photographs with twin flash setups or with the Metz 15 MS-1 ring flash.


Made in my lab in Perth, Western Australia!

PolarFrame - Cross polarisation tool + WhiBal card + booklet download

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The filter size of your lens
  • Frame: You can clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol but be careful with the filters!

    Filters: Don't touch them with your fingers as the surface is not scratch resistant. If necessary, you can clean them with glass cleaning wipes.

    Enjoy the details!